App Store Optimization Companies


Appnique App Store Optimization Services

Clients:  Popcap, INRIX, Zipline Games

3 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: Free for 1 App in the App store, 15 keywords, 10 keyword Suggestions, 5 competitors per all

Tier 2: $149 per month – 10 App Profiles, 25 keywords, 25 keyword suggestions, 10 Competitors per app

Tier 3: Enterprise level services call for pricing


Sensor Tower App Store Optimization Services

Clients:  Yahoo, Skype, Avis, H&R Block, Stub Hub

4 Tiers of Service:

Tier 1: 1 app- 5 keywords, 1 country (for localization), limited keyword optimization/research

Tier 2: $79 per month (14 day trial) – 80 Keywords, Email alerts, Keyword translation, Optimize Keywords

Tier 3: $399 per month (14 day trial) – 400 keywords, Email alerts, Optimize Keywords, Keyword Suggestions

Tier 4: Call for Enterprise Pricing and Services


SearchMan App Store Optimization Services

Clients: Pandora, Youtube, Rovio, Supercell, Kayak, DropBox

2 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: Free to study competitors, Monitor Rankings, Deep Dashboards for Any App

Tier 2: $25 per app/month –keyword tracking & optimization, competitor tracking intelligence, daily insights and reports for all your apps


MetricsCat App Store Optimization Services

Clients: Creative Mobile,,, 7 pixel, Trickydev, Wargaming

3 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: $49 per month, 10 Apps to Follow, 30 Keywords, Daily Review Reports, Unlimited Exports, Daily email digests

Tier 2: $149 month, 14 Day Free Trial, 50 Apps, 400 Keywords, Daily Review Updates, Unlimited Exports, Daily email digests

Tier 3: $499 per month, 300 Apps, 2000 keywords, Daily reviews update, Unlimited exports, Daily email digests


AppTweak:  App Store Optimization Services

3 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: Basic Free, 1 ASO Report, 1 User, 1 Competitor Analysis, 5 Keywords analysis, Native Keyword in Eng & French, 24 hour email support

Tier 2: $69 per month, Unlimited ASO Reports, 3 Users, 15 Competitors Analysis, 100 Keywords Analysis, Native Keywords –Eng, Frnch, 24 hour email support

Tier 3: $369, Unlimited ASO Reports, 10 Users, 100 Competitors Analysis, 700 Keywords Analysis,, Native Keywords –Eng, French, 12 email support


Mobile Dev HQ (Tune) Focused on Enterprise App Store Optimization

ASO clients – Weathercaster,

2 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: Free for up to 10 Apps – unlimited KeyWords, unlimited Competitors, Keyword Suggestions, Competitor Keywords

Tier 2: Call for volume pricing


Appkickstarters: Full Service App Store Optimization Services Provider – ASO, Marketing and Design

3 Tiers of Service

Tier 1: $499 Keyword Research and Social Media, Design Costs $1,499 extra

Tier 2: $1,499 Keyword Research, Competitive Keywords, Test Keywords, Creative PR outreach, Design Costs $1,299 extra

Tier 3: $1,999 Keyword Research, Competitive Keywords, Test Keywords, Description, Social Media, Competitior Research,  Creative PR outreach, User Research, Potent Marketing Funnels, Review Database, Design Costs $999.00



Clients: Playkids, Taxija, Whitebook, Dieta e Saude, Bom Negocio

2 Tier of Service:

Tier 1: $50 per month Unlimited Features, Premium Customer Support

Tier 2:  Custom Consulting designed for specific clients’ needs. -Complete their contact form for more details



Multiple Tiers of Service

Tier 1: Free Keyword Tracking


Full Service App Store Optimization Companies


Tier 1 – For 1 App – Full App Store Keyword Report, Competition Analysis, Strategically selected app category based off of competition and keyword selection; App Title based off of best keywords, Professional, strategic and carefully crafted App Description based off of keyword selection; Tips on what keywords you should have in your reviews section

Additional App Store Optimization Services:

  1. Optimized App Icon – $15.00 per app
  2. Optimized HD Screenshots for $12.00 per app
  3. Professional App Video – $20.00


Does your company provide ASO services that you would like us to add to this list?  Contact us at appyield AT gmail DOT COM.


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