State Of In-App Spending: An AppsFlyer Report

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Here are some highlights from AppsFlyer’s Report:

The average user spends $0.50 per month on IAP per app with purchase activity (the average paying user spends $9.60 per month)

  • The average purchase amount is $12.77 on iOS, $6.19 on Android and $8.80 overall

  • 7.1% of iOS users make at least one payment per month; 4.6% of Android users do

  • Asian users spend a monthly average of $0.70 per user per app; Latin Americans spend the least, at $0.16

  • North American shoppers spend 2.5 times more than the average European app shopper, and 3 times more than Asian shoppers

*The average monthly in-app spend for gaming apps is $0.32; for shopping apps it is $2.68

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