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Do you have a new app or game Appyield should include in our Daily New Apps list? Please complete the form for consideration.

The Daily New Apps Requirements


Your app offers a unique innovative experience to the end consumer rather than a game or app concept inspired/cloned by another app or game. You can submit a new app, game or web based based service.


A suggestion but not a requirement. Include a game play video of your game on your web site or your game’s app store page if some element of the game play offers a truly unique experience. We will prioritize games with videos before games without videos. If you don’t have the means to create a game play video we strongly encourage you to consider bundling the Everyplay SDK in your game. We don’t know how technically easy or difficult installation of their SDK is.


Kid apps are ok assuming they meet Apple and Google’s requirements.


We will NOT accept any online gambling or adult entertainment apps.


The app’s web site must contain links to Apple and Google’s app stores.


We will only publish the App name, the one sentence app description and the app’s web site url.


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